The Women in My Past, My Present, My Future

by Linda Okazaki

So often in genealogical research we focus on the men, their surnames, the y-dna, the path of least resistance. But it is the women who compel me to continue. Why did they marry who they married? Why did they study what they studied? How did they feel when a loved one died? How did they persevere when life looked bleak? Why did they do whatever it was that they did? How can I learn more about these women? Their stories, no matter how new or how old, intrigue me. I suppose that my quest for maternal lineage is only natural. Afterall, women typically are the family historians. We work together, generation after generation, we tend to congregate together, to share our stories, and to pass along our histories, our experiences and our life knowledge. Grandmothers before me were in quiliting bees and church groups. Mom loved her bridge group.  I am passionate about book club.We each find our own women’s collectives, but it is the female mentors in my life that really have meaning.  And find them I have. You have steered me through my struggles with writing, with family, with cross cultural conflicts, with life’s challenges. I am so blessed to have women among me as guides as I blindly travel this path called life.