Mister Toad’s Wild Ride

by Linda Okazaki

On Friday I flew from SFO to DC. After the two-hour delay on the tarmac and the thirty minute delay in flight time  due to weather, I arrived at Washington Dulles, followed by a taxi ride with a driver who had trouble following the GPS instructions to my hotel. By the time I dropped my suitcase in my hotel room, it was a twelve-hour door to door trip. No different than going to Syracuse. At least DC has some spectacular sites. In the morning we drove to Georgetown for massages, window shopping and lunch at an Italian bistro, complete with frozen Bellini’s. After that, it was on to Miss Sam’s Wild Ride for a tour of her new neighborhood. Left here. Right there. Up that alley. Down the next. Radio blaring. Stations changing quicker than I thought was possible. It would have been fine in a convertible Fiat. But in Big Blue, Sam’s bulky Ford Escape, I was left gripping the nani-handle like there was no tomorrow. It really was fun, in the seat-gripping sort of way that only Sam can capture. Sunday we were off to brunch then more errands to get basics for her new apartment and nap time for both of us. I’m not sure what the evening will be like but I will try to regroup for my genealogical adventure at the national archives this week. I can hardly wait. There is nothing quite like a visit with Sam to stir the excitement!