DAR Library in Washington DC

by Linda Okazaki


The day began on a slow note. I overslept, I took the wrong Metro train, I got off at the wrong station and then I got lost in the city on a day when the temperature hovered around 95 with high humidity. By the time I arrived at the DAR library, I was hot and cranky. As I walked through the doors to this gorgeous old building, all that changed. The air conditioning was a relief and the receptionist was thoughtful. On to the library: a huge collection of genealogically relevant books awaited in a magnificent room, the kind of place shown on “Who Do You Think You Are”. In fact, I think maybe it actually was on that show. I immediately settled in to some Japanese American research. Two hours later I moved on to family histories. It was well worth the trip. I was armed with more historical data which hopefully will help in my upcoming Day 2 at Archives I.