Girls Gathering

by Linda Okazaki

Debbie, Cindy and Linda

Why is it that as life turns this way and that, our friends remain straight and true? They do not judge us. They accept us through thick and thin. They cherish time together. I know that a handful of dear friends is better than a roomful of acquaintances. 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining two dear friends for a three-day weekend. Essentially it was a three-day slumber party. No children, no pets, no husbands, no jobs, no distractions other than our silliness. Suddenly we middle-aged women were college girls again. Time had passed, but our friendship picked up where we had last left it. We didn’t miss a beat (or a meal!). We only came up for air in between giggles. What a lovely feeling. I can hardly wait for our next gathering.

 “I do not wish to treat friendships daintily, but with the roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads of frost-work, but the solidest thing we know.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson