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Month: August, 2012

Christmas in August, or The Joys of New Toys

Looking through the pile of photos and documents from Bill and Lilo has been fun. Each new page brings forth a flood of sentiment.  Deciding how to organize and scan is the next step in this process. Fortunately, Ted set up my new scanner last night, a Cadillac of scanners from my perspective. Not only can it scan documents, images and film, it can also adjust the DPI from 50 to 1200, something not possible with my old Canon. On top of that, I can scan in just about any format I choose, not just Jpeg or Bitmap or PDF, but Tiff as well. It’s going to be a fun weekend playing with my new toys.

Table of Memories, from Bill and Lilo

Unexpected Treasures

Circa 1938


There is nothing quite like an unexpected box of “stuff” to get the genealogist in me excited. Of course, I’m always excited about genealogy, so a box of memorabilia practically  sends me over the edge. Last week, Lilo mailed a package of mom’s ephemera. It included all kinds of pictures, newspaper clippings and even her kindergarten report card. Then, Bill hand delivered a box of unexpected treasures: her high school yearbooks, her passports and her father’s passport, the contents of her wallet, her R.N. certificate, the cake topper from her wedding, curls from her first haircut, and photos, lots and lots of photos.

I knew these photos existed but it had been decades since I’d seen them. The earliest photos among the collection were of the Etheridge family, circa 1906. Later ones included me as a child in the 1960’s. And there were photos from every era in-between. What a great way to honor the birthday of a woman who did so much for so many others. Happy Birthday Mom. And Happy Birthday Uncle Roger, too.

Marvelous Multiples

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