So Many Ancestors, So Little Time

by Linda Okazaki

Every time I get excited about a new project, an old one gets in the way. Take for example my crazy ancestor Emerson Corville, aka Richard Harvey Emerson. I have been researching him for about 15 years. I’ve got the facts (or thought I had), I’ve published that illustrious first article, and now I just want to tidy things up and get the full narrative ready for the family, complete with maps, charts, photos, wills, index plus everything else that should go in the mix, and be done with him! But I also am getting ready to go on a Japanese American road trip, a pilgrimage of sorts. And, and, and. I’m usually great at multi-tasking but it’s a bit overwhelming right now. What to finish, who to research, when to stop? I suppose that these questions still put me in a beginner category, despite my years of hard work. I have got to “finish” Emerson Corville. Fortunately the writing class at CGS is giving me deadlines. Unfortunately I keep finding holes in the research. One set of children’s baptismal records don’t quite add up. Another set of death records make me question which Edward Emerson was which. Will it ever end? Can I ever completely move on to the next project? I want to put Emerson Corville behind me and move on to bigger and better stories. Is that even possible?