A few more of my favorite things, plus some “not so’s”

by Linda Okazaki

Ten more things I love about Japan…

11. Furniture that fits me like Goldilocks sitting in Baby Bear’s chair…just right!

12. Clothing that fits (even though the exchange rate makes most items cost prohibitive).

13. Peep holes on doors that I can actually see through (is there a pattern here?).

14. The attention to detail in every facet of life.

15. The work ethic, from the high fashion sales girl washing windows to the waiter in a cafe who really enjoys his job.

16. Great customer service.

17. No tipping. Ever. See #16.

18. Hardware stores and mom and pop shops.

19. Traditional arts of tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arranging.

20. Open air museums.

21. Impossible to stop at 20!

and a few things that drive me crazy…

1. Slurping. Lots of slurping.

2. Kleenex instead of napkins.

3. Squatty potties (though there aren’t too many anymore).

4. Soot from incinerated trash.

5. Creepy men on trains (though many commute trains now have women’s only cars).

6. Natto.

7. Crowds. See #5.

8. The amount of time it takes a group to make a decision.

9. Smoking (though that, too, has changed; there are lots of no-smoking places).

10. Can’t think of one. I really love Japan!